Timeframes are a useful deliverable for geoscience employees and decision makers who have no time to read or browse through the report, and want to go straight to the results and findings, and read all source-to-sink information about one given timeslice presented in one place. If the reader has an increased interest in a specific timeslice or event, he or she can consult the respective chapters in the report. 

What are the Timeframes?

The Timeframes of the Sediment Source to Sink Study of the Mozambique Margins is a separate bundle of illustrated summary sheets of the entire study. Each double page represent a timeslice and summarizes the important geodynamic events affecting all the interconnected elements of the source to sink system: 

  • Tectonics 
  • Palaeogeography
  • Palaeotopography 
  • Palaeoclimate
  • Palaeoceanography 
  • Deposition & Stratigraphy
  • Palaeodrainage (map of palaeorivers and palaeodrainage changes) 
  • Provenance (hinterland lithology)
  • Sandstone Mineralogy (evolution of eroded sediment and mineralogy and texture of sandstone in basin)
  • Depositional porosity ranges 
  • Sediment Volumetrics (Solid Flux and Volume) 

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