Palaeodrainage studies help understanding mineral dispersal pathways.

Palaeodrainage Study of Southeast Africa

Location of alluvial diamonds in Southeast Africa

We reconstructed detailed palaeodrainage from Jurassic to Quaternary for Southeast Africa, of which most rivers reach the ocean on the Mozambique Margins. But we also give a conceptual overview of the entire Phanerozoic palaeodrainage history, through several geodynamic cycles. We describe post-Pan-African palaeodrainage, Karoo rift drainage, and finally, as the Karoo Plume makes its appearance, both as a volcanic province and as regional topographic feature, we describe the drainage evolution per timeslice from the Jurassic onwards. 

  • Palaeodrainage of 29 rivers that drain to the Southeast African margins was mapped for 39 time-slices. 
  • The onshore area covers most of southern Africa, as such including the extents of the palaeo-Zambezi and palaeo-Limpopo drainage basins
  • Detailed drainage pathways are available for the Rovuma, Messalo, Lurio, Ligonha, Licungo, Zambezi, Buzi, Save and Limpopo Rivers, from Jurassic to present.

For reconstructing Mozambique palaeodrainage, we used our in-house Palaeostream Approach



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Palaeodrainage Maps per timeslice

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Some of Southeast Africa's larger rivers.
Some of Southeast Africa's larger rivers.

Read more about the Palaeostream Approach.

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