Domo and Lower Grudja Formation sand units: Correlated to geodynamic events.


The sand units in the Domo Shale and in the Lower Grudja Formation, and in the Domo Sands, are correlated with confidence to a series of geodynamic disturbances, related to far-field stresses. These tectonic pulses, often generating intraplate magmatism, caused short-lived uplift episodes, affecting topography. As a result, topographic gradients increased as erosional base level lowered, which lead to increased erosion and release of sands from the crystalline basement, an increased sediment flux to the ocean, and shelf bypass of sediments. 

Based on our geodynamic framework, we also have depositional porosity ranges and sandstone mineralogy and texture results for all sandstone units. 

These results are based on a comprehensive geodynamic framework, as part of an Earth Systems approach, in which the effects of both climate and tectonics are well studied. 

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