Integrated Earth systems model

At Streamstar Geosolutions we believe that a comprehensive sediment source to sink study cannot be carried out outside a solid geodynamic framework, in which the different defining 'spheres' of the Earth's dynamics are understood. 

An integrated Phanerozoic geodynamic framework is built from palaeoclimate proxies, geodynamics (regional, local and far-field), past surface lithology exposures, palaeotopography and palaeoceanography. Within this framework, palaeodrainage pathways are reconstructed. The framework is also used for characterization of sandstone mineralogy and texture, and to run the Palaeoflux and Palaeostream models. 

For our Mozambique hinterland studies, the framework encompassed southern Africa, and before Gondwana breakup we looked at the adjacent regions. To understand far-field effects, we looked at global plate tectonics as the India collision with Eurasia is linked to intraplate geodynamic events, affecting topography, within southern and Central Africa.