Quantitative results from linking hinterland to basin across geological time

Sediment Source to Sink Studies

With Mozambique planning a 6th licensing round, we offer sediment supply results (volume and flux), sandstone mineralogy, texture and porosity, per palaeoriver per timeslice, continuously since the Jurassic, based on our comprehensive source to sink study generated from an Earth Systems model. Our studies reveal past river deltas and correlate geodynamic events with sandstone units in the Rovuma, Angoche, Zambezi and Limpopo basins. 

The source to sink system connects the hinterland and basin through an ever-changing river network upon which endogenic and exogenic processes counteract. At Streamstar Geosolutions, we understand these interactions and predict how they affect dispersal of sediment and ultimately clastic reservoir properties.per river per timeslice river per timeslice

Our objective: de-risk exploration by producing comprehensive hinterland studies with quantitative results for mineral resource location. 

 We provide results on the following aspects:

  • Sediment flux and volume results for past drainage basins, using the Palaeoflux Model.
  • Depositional porosity ranges of sandstones, per timeslice.
  • Reconstruction of palaeodrainage basins and past sediment routing paths, using the Palaeostream Approach.
  • Reconstruction of oceanic currents and bathymetry, to understand offshore sediment dispersal and oxygenation.
  • Palaeoclimate to understand weathering and mineralogy alterations.
  • Estimation of sandstone mineralogydiagenesis pathways and texture: grain size, sorting, rounding, clay context, based on hinterland studies.
  • Geomorphology to understand river and land surface evolution
  • Comprehensive geodynamic framework to model megacycles of land surface evolution: tectonics, palaeoclimate, palaeotopography, intraplate magamtism, far-field effects. 
  • GIS and remote sensing to process hydrology, geomorphology and geology data
  • Earth Systems modelling as a comprehensive framework to carry out SS and palaeodrainage studies.

Deliverables: Includes an extensive report for the experts in your company, but if you are a decision maker with no time to read the report, we offer the Timeframes as a deliverable, where you can quickly oversee all results per timeslice. 

Available studies 

Mozambique Margins reservoir characterization (Volumetrics, Texture, Mineralogy, Porosity) 

Linking hinterland dynamics to potential clastic reservoirs in the Rovuma, Angoche, Zambezi and Mozambique basins. 

sediment flux example.
sediment flux example.

Understanding alluvial diamond dispersal routes

A continuous set of high-confidence palaeodrainage maps matched with kimberlite rocks, can show where diamonds in Southeast Africa are most likely to occur. 

stream capture example.
stream capture example.

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Phanerozoic East African and Mozambique palaeodrainage is reconstructed. Also smaller Mozambican rivers are taken into account, as some of them were larger in the past and had considerable deltas.

Palaeodrainage reconstruction: useful in Earth systems modelling and mineral resource location.


Streamstar Geosolutions produces Earth systems studies that describe sediment source to sink relations primarily for natural resource characterization and location. The objective is to provide the client with answers to questions such as where the sediment in a region of interest was derived from, what the sediment type was and the volumes that were delivered. For oil and gas studies such information can narrow down speculations on potential reservoir presence, quality, distribution and extent, in both underexplored frontier basins and in producing basins. In diamond exploration, sediment dispersal paths and sites of alluvial diamonds can be indicated.

Streamstar Geosolutions has an extensive database on African palaeodrainage, but also on land surface and drainage development of South America, Greenland, Antarctica, India and Himalaya, Borneo, Australia and Canada. Get in touch for more information in particular, on the Niger River, Nile, Sahara drainage pathways, Congo and Orange Rivers. We also have detailed information on the drainage evolution of the Karoo basins (Carboniferous to Jurassic) of Africa.

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